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Job Description: Interim Program Coordinator

Position: Salaried: 35 hours per week for six-months

Benefits: Contribution to SIMPLE IRA

Draft: May 28, 2021

Job Summary

The Vermont Communications Union District (VCUDA) is a voluntary, non-profit association of Communications Union Districts (CUDs) that enables them to act jointly and cooperatively to assist in the management and administration of member CUDs and to coordinate public policy recommendations and outreach on their behalf.  VCUDA is led by a Governing Board comprising one voting member from each member CUD, with officers elected by the Governing Board.  

VCUDA is seeking an Interim Program Coordinator to lead the development and provision of shared services and to coordinate communication, research and recommendations that will benefit member CUDs.  Shared services could include administration; outreach; education; accounting, legal or other professional services as well as management of internal records and compliance with public access requirements. 

The Interim Program Coordinator will report to the Governing Board Chair or the Board’s designee(s), and will coordinate closely with VCUDA officers elected by the Board.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Strategic Planning and Capacity Development

  2. Work with VCUDA board to:

  1. Organizational Management 

  1. Programs and Services 

  1. Communication and Outreach


Not required but also a plus:

Physical Requirements:

This is a grant-funded, six-month position. 

VCUDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Those who identify as women and non-binary, people of color, veterans, individuals with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and other individuals from underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged to apply.